UKDP is a drainage insurance claims specialist, with a long standing history of resolving complex drainage issues on behalf of Local Authorities and property owners. To date, we have resolved drainage issues affecting over 3,000 properties and referred to us by more than 70 Local Authorities.

We specialise in resolving drainage issues affecting properties served by septic tanks and other off-mains drainage systems.  We work to understand whether any damage to drainage systems might be covered by the buildings insurance policies of the properties affected (click here to find out more about the types of problems that are usually covered).  If so, we manage everything from start to finish, meeting with affected property owners, handling claims with their buildings insurers and managing any repair works through local accredited contractors.  Through offering this service, we can make necessary works affordable for property owners, meaning that the need for enforcement action can potentially be removed.

In situations where there is no insurable damage present (for example, if a drainage system has failed due to a lack of maintenance) and we are unable to assist, we will do our best to provide advice and guidance on how to best resolve the issues.

The earlier we are involved, the more options we can provide and the more advice we can offer. However, Local Authorities can request our involvement at any stage, even after enforcement action has begun.

Working with ukdp off mains to deliver a unique claim management service to our customers

CCTV Drainage Surveys:

We can carry out a survey of your underground drainage system using a small camera unit.

Details of defects within the drainage such as root ingress, cracks and displacements are then recorded onto a DVD and can be used in the event of an insurance claim for repairs.

Far right:  Examples of a drainage CCTV survey showing tree root ingress into a joint and a displaced joint.

Drainage inspection camera useage
Drainage inspection camera

Many property owners are unaware that the costs to repair or replace a damaged drainage system can be covered by their existing buildings insurance policies.

For those who are aware, the thought of dealing with insurers and loss adjusters on the technical ins and outs of a drainage system can be quite a daunting prospect.

Boxall Ward works in partnership with UKDP, to offer a unique insurance claims management service to our customers. UKDP specialises in managing insurance claims for damaged drainage systems, saving property owners thousands of pounds.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for claims handling, UKDP are able to manage everything from start to finish, from making the first phone call all the way through to agreeing settlement with insurers.

How will you know if you might be covered?

The majority of buildings insurance policies provide cover for certain types of damage to drainage systems - for example, damage caused by tree roots, or tanks that have become damaged due to ground movement.

However, it is often not possible to see any physical damage to an underground drainage system, so it's difficult to know what's really causing the problems.




The Boxall Ward team will be able to visit your property and assess any problems affecting the drainage system, and can advise you as to whether a claim might be possible.

What does the service cost?

The only cost to you, if your claim is successful, is any excess due on your policy - this is typically between £50 to £150.  If your claim is not successful, there is no cost to you at all. 
Boxall Ward covers UKDP's fees as an extra service to our customers.

What happens if a claim is turned down?

Insurance claims relating to drainage systems can be very complicated, especially when it comes to ensuring that the right scope of works are approved by insurers.  This is because it is crucial that any works comply with all existing regulations, but also that they are appropriate for your property and the ground conditions available.  We often find that insurers or loss adjusters don't make the right decision initially on these types of claims - but we use our technical expertise to ensure that the right decision is ultimately made for you and your property.

What happens if your insurer has already told you that you are not covered?

We often see situations in which a perfectly valid claim has been turned down by insurers, usually due to a lack of understanding of these systems, or due to the way in which the claim has been presented.  Call our team today if you have already had a claim turned down, or if your insurer has indicated that you might not be covered, and we can give you an honest assessment as to whether we can still help.

Making complicated insurance claims simple

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