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Boxall Ward Ltd Case Studies – Part 2

Last month we presented our first part of our completed projects, illustrating installation and maintenance of private ‘off-mains’ drainage including Sewage Treatment Plants in Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

Our case studies are a perfect way of presenting the top quality work that we provide and attention to detail that is crucial to make sure that the work we do will last for a long time.

Crawley, West Sussex

Project: Drainage Repair

crawley drainage repair

We had to repair a drainage, then backfilled the hole and ready for driveway finishes.

More details here:

Haslemere, Surrey

Project: Klargester Biodisc Sewage Treatment Plants Installation in a private house in Haslemere in Surrey

haslemere, sewage treatment plant

Private house in Haslemere, Surrey. We had to install Klargester Biodisc Sewage Treatment Plants. Klargester Biodisc Sewage Treatment Plants are the preferred choice of many local authorities and environmental agencies and come in a variety of sizes to suit the requirements of anything from a single household to a small community. The Klargester BioDisc provides a reliable, efficient and environmentally safe solution to your sewage disposal needs.
Boxall Ward is accredited installer of Klargester products. Using an installer with the experience and expertise to install Klargester products is highly recommended.

To read more about Klargester Biodisc click here –

More details here:

Private House, Henfield, West Sussex

Project: Klargester Biodisc Sewage Treatment Plants Installation

drainage case studies

The BioDisc range of Treatment Plants use an aerobic digestion process to naturally treat sewage waste. The BioDisc System forms a range of Sewage Treatment Plants that biologically treat household and light commercial wastewater using the unique Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) technology. The range covers from a single house up to a small community’s requirements.

To read more about Klargester Biotec click here

More details about this project here:

For an idea of what Klargester product or Sewage Treatment Plants you need, be sure to contact us for more information.

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Septic Tank Flooding, Odour and Pollution Problems

Septic Tank Flooding And Other Problems

Drainage problems with your soakaway or septic tank can be caused by various issues, the most common of which is septic tank flooding. This is usually due to problems caused by the receiving soakaway.

Septic Tank Flooding isn’t the only problem that can occur though – things like bad smells and even pollution of nearby ditches and streams are also issues (dealt with below).

septic tank flooding solutions

Septic Tank Flooding

Septic tanks work via a pipe that moves the largely liquid effluent from the septic tank to a septic tank soakaway, which then disperses the effluent over a long period.

Can Rain Flood Your Septic Tank?

Yes. A heavy rainfall can effectively block the soakaway, resulting in septic tank flooding. But it’s not the only cause…

Other Septic Tank Flooding Causes

Other factors can also be at play when you experience septic tank problems – if the soakaway has been located in unsuitable soil types (such as sandy clay or silt clay), the effluent will have problems dispersing, which can cause an overflow. Also, during the winter, the natural water table rises – if this change results in the  soakaway  becoming below the natural water table, again flooding can occur. This issue can be dealt with, however, by installing a septic tank conversion system or Water Treatment Plant. Tree and shrib roots, if nearby, can also cause problems by interfering with the soakaway pipe work.

Additionally, soakaway pipes can break, systems can be overwhelmed by too much wastewater and a process called Sodium Binding can cause soakaways to fail as a result of too much detergent (washing powders etc) being put through the system. Finally, sometimes septic tank flooding is simply the result of having an ageing soakaway where sledge solids have built up over the years.

septic tank flooding

Other Septic Tank Problems – Smell

Septic tanks use a process called ‘anaerobic digestion’, which is designed to reduce the sludge volume. This digestion process does produce some rather unpleasant smelling gasses such as hydrogen sulphide and methane. As you can imagine, then, it’s important that your septic tank has the necessary ventilation properly fitted to allow these gases to drift off into the atmosphere.

Other Septic Tank Problems – Pollution

Septic tanks discharge their effluent into a drainage field or soakaway. It is absolutely essential that this effluent doesn’t find it’s way to a stream or ditch, and indeed it is an offence to let this happen under rules introduced by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) and the Environment Agency.

(See the Government site for more info on Septic tanks and treatment plants: permits and general binding rules).

Septic Tank Flooding Solutions

Just give us a call on 01903 815377 and we’ll be delighted to have a friendly, no-obligation chat to discuss any septic tank problems you may be having. At Boxall Ward, we have over 20 years experience in the business, so there’s not much we haven’t seen before – we have the solutions to deliver you peace of mind.

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Garden Drainage Solutions

If you are new to living off-mains, you’ll be aware you’re going to need garden drainage solutions to get rid of your waste. But you may not be familiar with the choices open to you, so here we provide a quick roundup of the solutions available.

garden drainage solutions

Of course, each individual case is different, so you may prefer to talk to an off-mains drainage expert, in which case  we will be delighted to have a friendly, no obligation chat to discuss your needs. Just  give us a call on 01903 815377.

In the UK, living off-mains is a necessity for all homeowners who are not connected to the main grid. Here are 5 of the most important off mains garden drainage solutions for your property.

1. Septic Tank

A septic tank is a large box often situated in your garden. Once the water flows in the tank, the wastewater is treated naturally in order to separate liquids from solids. While the solids are retained in the tank, liquids are discharged using an external pipe. The solids are removed regularly by a professional company. More details about septic tanks here.

2. Cesspit

Also known as cesspools, these devices are similar to septic tanks, but with no outlet to discharge the sewage – so the waste remains untreated as it is stored, until it is taken away. Cesspits need to be emptied more regularly than septic tanks. More details about cesspits here.

off-mains drainage

3. Sewage Treatment Plant

The sewage treatment plant is still one of the top garden drainage solutions available in the UK. One of these devices uses compressed air to blow into the septic tank to speed up the degradation process of the solid matter.

A sewage treatment plant works best with a septic tank, minimising the volume of the solid waste and reducing its toxicity. In order to increase the rapidness of waste degeneration, most sewage treatment plants are equipped with rotating disks.

The good news is that a sewage treatment plant is not so expensive and quite easy to maintain, being a genuine off-mains solution for homeowners which are not connected to the grid.

More details about sewage treatment plants here.

4. Soakaway

A soakaway is a means to let the water slowly dissipate in the soil. You have two methods for this:

  • Fill a pit with rubble or stone
  • Use a system of several interlinked trenches that contain perforated pipes, each of them surrounded by shingles.

While sewage treatment plants and reed beds are used to deal with the solid remaining of sewage, soakaways are meant to help you deal with the liquid in a septic tank.

More details about soakaways here.

5. Living Soakaway

When a soakaway is not possible, you can use a living soakaway, which is a gravel-filled pit full with reeds, irises and willows.

More details about living soakaways here.

Garden Drainage Solutions Conclusion

Living off mains means that you have to use the right garden drainage solution for your property. Since you are not connected to the main grid, you need to work with the best specialists in maintenance and installation of off-mains drainage.

Contact us today and capitalise on the best off mains garden drainage services in the UK.

Understanding The Role Of Drainage Specialists

Over the years, the concept of home development here in the UK has grown in a major way. There has been a growing need for all of us to embrace off-mains drainage systems that go beyond conventional sewer installations.

While modern drainage concepts are reasonably easy to understand, it is important that the installation and maintenance of systems be carried out by the professionals. You may have heard of plumbers and plumbing contractors and confused them with drainage specialists. While these two trades are closely related, there are differences in that ‘plumber’ is a general term while drainage professionals solely focus on implementing and managing drainage systems.

drainage specialists sussex

Drainage Specialists Sussex

So, what is a drainage specialist?

Drain specialists are professionals whose area of speciality pans out across the sewer installation and management spectrum. Below is a rundown of the function of the quintessential drains professional.

Installation of drainage systems

Installing a reliable drainage service is complicated and requires the expertise of professionals. Once they have studied the lay of the land around a residential or commercial piece of property, they embark upon a process of demarcating the areas your drainage system will encompass. Afterwards, they lay all the required materials in areas identified. They will take care of everything, from laying down cables to situating cesspools and septic tanks. As with all professionals, the main job of a drainage specialist is to deliver what you require whilst taking any hassle out of the equation.

drainage specialists sussex

Maintenance of drainage systems

Whilst off-mains drainage procedures are reliable, there is always a need to keep an eye out in case any problems crop up. Since the main component of the system is liquid waste, the environment stands to suffer in the eventuality of said leaks or blockages. A drainage specialist will carry out regular maintenance to make sure that any issues are nipped in the bud before they get the chance to happen.

Assessment of the performance of drains

Over time, the ranges of technologies available for use in the industry have more than quadrupled. At the same time, governments in the UK have laid down strict regulations governing the precise locations of tanks, pipes and exit ways. There are even rules governing the materials used to design tanks, pools and pipes. On the whole, a drainage specialist is expected to carefully assess the environment around which an installation has been made or is to be made.

Drain specialists work alongside other professionals to ensure that off-mains systems are installed according to the right stipulations and using the right materials. At the core of it is a need to ensure that systems are safe, reliable and long-lasting. They have to abide by regulations set by the government and they must use their expertise to judge the correct location of a system. When making off-mains drainage considerations, specialists will pay special attention to the need of the client and the scope of the system to be designed.  In a nutshell, drainage specialists will handle any task within the confines of their certification and expertise.

Contact Drainage Specialists Sussex

Please contact us on 01903 815377 or use our contact form to get in touch with Boxall Ward if you would like more details about our drainage specialists services.

drainage specialists sussex

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