What does a septic tank replacement cost?

Septic tank replacement

There are two main reasons you might have landed on this page: either you’re thinking that you may encounter a need to replace your septic tank in the near future or you have an immediate need for septic tank replacement. Whichever it is, the cost is likely to be weighing heavily on your mind. Septic tank problems are never a great thing to have to think about, but that’s why we are here – to take that hassle away from you and leave you with peace of mind.

What will my septic tank replacement cost?

How much does a septic tank replacement cost? We’d dearly love to be able to answer this question with a straightforward figure, but as you’ve probably guessed, there is an element of ‘how long is a piece of string’ about this. That’s not the answer you’re looking for of course, but keep reading, this article will still help you have more idea than you did before. If you have a damaged septic tank, you’ve landed on the right page.

Domestic sewage treatment plant cost

On a daily basis we deal with damaged septic tanks, cesspits, sewage treatment plants and soakaway systems as well as the installation of complete new systems with all associated drainage works.

The new installation of a small domestic sewage treatment plant will typically cost somewhere in the region of £8K – £10K, however, if you have a damaged system, it is possible that you may be covered for replacement under your buildings insurance policy, which would only cost you the amount of your excess.

To get a complete idea of septic tank replacement costs, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation with you and offer our expert advice.

Why do you need a septic tank replacement?

This is the crux of the matter. The cost of your replacement depends on the nature of your problem in the first place. We’re not expecting you to be an expert in off-mains drainage, of course, but if you can let us know your ‘symptoms’ when you call, this will be a great help.

septic tank replacement

Insurance – what is covered?

Some good news! Most buildings insurance policies do include cover for damage to drainage systems, in which case you’ll be glad to know you could be covered.

From single house applications to multi-user commercial sites, we undertake all aspects of the installation from system design, excavations, electrical installation through to final landscaping. All our installations are in accordance with the Environment Agency consent to discharge requirements.

So, what does a septic tank replacement cost?

The cost of septic tank replacement will depend on several variables. We suggest you first ascertain the following about your septic tank installation:

  • What are the symptoms making you suspect you have a problem?
  • What is the size of the tank? ie: on a domestic property, how many bedrooms do you have?
  • What is the make of the tank? – as an independent specialist we will always recommend the system which we feel is most suitable for your situation.
  • What are the ground conditions like around the tank?

Case Study

Please see our Leeds Castle Maidstone case study here: Leeds Castle Maidstone

What to do next

Just give us a call on 01903 815377 or use our contact page to get in touch and, after a free of charge site visit, we’ll be delighted to give you our expert off-mains drainage advice and quote for your requirements.