Septic Tank Winter Maintenance Tips

Septic Tanks In Winter – A Guide

Though winters in the south of England appear to be getting milder, there are still steps you can benefit from taking to make sure you avoid any septic tank problems. After all, there are enough other things to take up your time and energy as we hurtle towards Christmas and then into the New Year.

Keep ‘Em Peeled

Obviously we’re not suggesting you make septic tank maintenance the main focus of your life, but a bit of common sense, mixed in with valuable tidbits of knowledge, can go a long way when you are living with off-mains drainage.

So just keep an eye on things around the septic tank installation – in particular look out for overly damp or boggy patches on the ground. Similarly, you should keep a  look out for unusually rapid or big growth of weeds and other greenery in the same areas. This too could be a warning sign that waste is escaping from the tank and infiltrating surrounding areas.

Septic Tank Inspections

Perhaps the easiest things to do, that will give you the most peace of mind, is having the septic tank inspected by professionals. This is recommended anyway, particularly given the prices involved if tanks are left to go seriously wrong.

We can look at your tank for you and make sure that any potential problems are nipped in the bud early on, saving you a lot of money. Alternatively – and preferably of course, we can simply leave you resting assured that everything is fine with your off-mains drainage.

septic tank winter maintenance

The Septic Tank Emptying Process

Water levels in your garden can be significantly higher during the winter due to weather conditions. In rare cases, this can cause septic tanks to move higher towards the surface. Obviously this is most likely to happen when the tank is at its lightest, which is of course when it has just been emptied.

So you want to be sure that the company emptying your tank is extra-careful when doing so in the winter months.

Make Sure The Cover Is Covered

Tank covers have to deal with both the gasses from the septic tank and the frost on the ground, so they are being hit from two sides. You can play safe by getting these covers checked before the cold weather starts – just call us on 01903 815377 if you’d like these looking at.

Septic Tank Winter Help Is At Hand

If you’d like any help with septic tanks winter maintenance in the south of England, just call Boxall Ward on 01903 815377 or use our contact page, and we’ll be delighted to have a friendly, no-obligation chat about your options – making sure your winter’s tale is a happy one!